Trunk Light mod

MOD NAME: Trunk Light mod
MOD COST: $3.00 (Lights from ebay)
MOD BENEFIT: More light for the people who actually use their trunk
0ca987c801cd30cfd85ff455d968a946  Trunk Light mod

I never liked the orientation of the trunk lights; light is only good for the surround area, the rear parts of the trunk remain unlit and if it’s dark it’s hard to find anything. So I decided to use 2 extra vanity lights I had which I got from eBay for around $2.00. The idea is to connect these lights with the existing ones but place them in the rear part of the trunk. The trunk lining is easily cut with a utility knife and has enough clearance from the body to mount the lights safely. Pictures speak from themselves.

First thing, remove both linings of the trunk.

Left lining: remove warning triangle push/lock pin, another push/lock pin on the top and another push/lock pin behind the rear left seatbelt

Right lining: remove push/lock pin on top of the lining, gas cap pin (green), and another push/lock pin behind the rear right seatbelt.

After all pins are removed, just pull the lining and it will come out. Pretty flexible.

Next measure the internal distances of the light so you can mark the lining

814a58acb2cf085fba784dd81d5fbf04  Trunk Light mod

fd7ea81f2c6f5f6562d80556c654a5e9  Trunk Light mod

Mark the cutting area on the lining.

d09ba0c1f61ad78d6bf9ea92ee4be359  Trunk Light mod

Using a utility knife I cut 3 sides of the lining and left one uncut. Maybe in the future I will want to remove lights and restore the lining.

0515b854f32a22b23f0a82849a1eda94  Trunk Light mod

I used some Bison Liquid Rubber glue to secure the lights on the lining, although they seem to clipped pretty good. I then soldered 2 wires on the lights. Solder is already there at those points seen below so it was very easy. Doesn’t matter which is positive and negative, filament bulbs don’t care about polarity.

3861785f562bd5aa43d1784617a07a68  Trunk Light mod

Next I soldered the wires on the existing trunk lights as seen below.  I used connectors between the wires so that I can remove the existing lights if I want without messing the moded trunk lights. Connectors are shown on the bottom/left part part of the pic.

720cab94d1f4d7c964d49cae9f0a2d2f  Trunk Light mod

This is how it looks almost finished

b04c90064e2bc6ece10bfd8a87b87b2d  Trunk Light mod

Secured the wires with some tape on the back and re-inserted the lining back in place.

fad2bbe6748f40911f76da322a0a06ef  Trunk Light mod

That’s all. Enjoy much better lighting in the trunk during night

0ca987c801cd30cfd85ff455d968a946  Trunk Light mod

102b1ef2d3e7270380367649db70fa6e  Trunk Light mod

944745e3fda54fecca4d573d7980de97  Trunk Light mod

Write up by: paris

Copyright: Paris Argyrides

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