Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Ok I’d thought I’d share with everyone my experience thus far with Meyle’s control arms with replaceable balljoints. Hopefully they outlast the standard OEM ones, but so far the steering has been noticably tighter compared to when I got new control arms less than 2 years ago.

Anyways the tools for this job:

2 jack stands
Torque Wrench
Philips Head scewdriver
16mm socket
19mm open ended wrench
22mm open ended wrench
22mm socket
Pickle Fork
3 lb hammer

3 jaw puller (Not neccesary but helpful)
Possibly some extensions (3 feet not neccesary but helpful)

And some grease (white lithum will work just fine)

New Control Arms:

dfad95eca3682a2b2fcd6df84a7fcd25  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

c0e82c1c7aea98b7330cacf9c0590d66  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

3ef1f0af1bd5426ac818e56ab2d32d89  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

5f521cdda05facd9e4e4162e75d12540  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

8e3931293d7f5c22946feef4f77fcc9b  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Urethene Bushings (Which ended up being too small):

49d840070ec5a00cb68a21550731d487  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

OEM Carriers w/bushings:

8be0917dce333bf09d1aaa8b7a744237  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Step 1:

Jack up car and place on jack stands and remove wheels (Removing wheels isn’t neccessary but makes it alot easier.

4eec4011a13dab9916eaa7653c9eba86  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

bf2154f9f9bf0b29fd76c5308aab63b1  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

b5f080be3bfb5f50acc2b66428aa90dc  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Step 2:

Remove Plastic under covering peices via the 6 philips head screw

Step 3:

Remove Engine/chassis brace (Once again not neccessary but allows for more clearance) using the 16mm socket

f08cb7bc184ece643d3f7e75c8ffee2b  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

64a9f01ec61cc4904439631e1b3ef174  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

1595aa235ff06a0ba80bf77770011794  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Step 4:

Unbolting the the control arms, first remove the 2 – 16mm bolts on both sides mounting the carrier busshing to the frame. Then at the inner balljoint bolts use either a 22mm socket or open ended wrench to loosen them.

ce06529bbafda5137fbe617669462e23  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

c7109e03a3e97ecba6743f81029393f3  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

50b5ed93e99e2af8d406b6431ba6b4f3  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

117ac03b53b5b98aedfcdb7e17cc5af9  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

1fe9268a3be986c83140813496c32c29  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

95ebbcd8b367c23d5ccf36d7a0ade7ad  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

I had no problem getting a socket w/ small ratchet on the pass side but on the drivers side I got it form the top of the engine using extensions going through the empty spaces. However though you can easily get the drivers side inner nut off with a 22mm open ended wrench.

93cca595a21c996bfcdb15bebd8344ea  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

defcbabb4bc6c16e1bbececb28db9135  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

6e488f8d77b5229cd084aabb430369b3  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

4ca33937428c1bcbe3421402b697377a  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

14e3dfb5329783d0c95dee254d491626  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

a18102efdad81abf1778954c52f720dd  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Moving onto the outer balljoint bolts, both were 19mm in my case and were easy to access using a 19mm or 3/4″ open ended wrench. It’s especially easy when you don’t have your tires on either.

05e81d45efd702e506f7eb5eec667af2  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

63313ac55846f3e8a21948031826b288  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

245bdf0bc1f4e99cbb1a95e235baddcb  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

57d737bc66884f8c9f0809d0d1bb6320  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Step 5:

Once bolts all bolts are removed the only thing holding the control arms on is essentially rust and seized on. Not to worry, nothing a simple pickle fork and 3 lb hammer can’t take care of.

Anyways working on either the inner or outer balljoints just wedge the pickle fork between the balljoints where they meet the front subframe and hit the pickle fok with the 3 lb hammer. A few good whacks and they should pop free.

4b4bb03090a5d6c2489dbe89cb601125  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

ed41ef1411185346165dd58612c0eca6  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

01fb518d9cfb1c4144ed6341407bb1c7  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

9314f031e1271c7a47df22bb23886f66  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

a5afd0aa10a07b9b4c3e8e916a1b2d86  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

2921f983ee470ca85e2b9661fe28a3a4  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

84c01bbb0f072e54ee684cb5b658c4ff  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

b65c0691df61a1b6122271f4ce8a3518  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Step 6:

Now that the control arms are out (well in my case) I could see how much play the balljoints were giving, no wonder why my car failed inspection. Especially compared to the newer Meyle ones where there was virtually no play what so ever.

2c27dc12493e4fcb7951795309dc3693  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Anyways installation is the reverse of removal with the exception of changing the carrier bushings. At first I was going to install a set of BavAutos Urethene bushing but they eneded up being too small I beleive 59/60mm as opposed to my carriers being 65/66mm <– (Correct me if I’m wrong)

So off to the dealership to pay full price for a new pair of OEM bushings. $140 later, come home and finih up the install. Easiest way to remove the old carrier bushings intact without making a mess was to use a 3 jaw puller. I had one around fom previous job so this is a tool to definately keep handy if you plan on working on your car alot.

8be0917dce333bf09d1aaa8b7a744237  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

fb6f231ce0a8e0f5637682c88b3f8264  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Old Bushing removed from control arm:

1502ea33e86f20543c729f9d9fd192c4  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Old vs. New Control Arms:

e986dda72e960059831a9b4c57010ec0  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Anyways setup the puller on the carrier and it will pull most of the old carrier off and soe rubber will still be attached to the arm. To remove the rest I just stood on the old arm and pulled the carriers off rubber bushing and all, not mess etc… You can however do it the messy way of taking a dremel tool to the ruber and spewing oil everywhere.

Step 7:

Installing the new bushing carriers to arms is simple, just first double check to make sure you have them going on the right way. Once you know for sure lube up the arms and bushing with plenty of grease and press the carrier bushings onto the arms.

Step 8:

Reinstalling the control arms, splash guard, engine brace which is reverse of removal. Make sure you tighten everything down to spec and it is RECCOMMENDED however not neccessary to change out the carrier bushing bolts and engine/frame brace bolts.

167f0dbdcdff04956a3372b933492d99  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

54da657325433c10391f6b1b9bbeb4be  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

b9f822c36981911c4bbe0edbae7440e8  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

34765ef96790e29b863db43dccfcf332  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

b2424fb821fa997662c8c541afc3b6d5  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

ba0536bab011ef9760c95e904574bfa2  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

28cda20076954e0b73cd14e4c9ba4ca4  Front Control Arms (Meyle)

Step 9:

Lower Car, install wheels and enjoy your nice stiffer steering. One thing I’d like to make note of is that I did not need an alignment afterwards and the car did seem to have a noticably stiffer steering as I mentioned before. Hopefully these balljoints last longer than 2 years (I hardly drive my car as well barely pushing 60k on the odometer)

I wish I could have installed the urethene bushings as well but things didn’t go quite as planned oh well next time I guess

Good Luck and enjoy!


Writeup by: Ivegotissues666

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