Painting Your Calipers

Here’s a rough guide to painting your calipers.

Of course you can buy special caliper paint, but over 5 cars I’ve used Japlac High Gloss Laquer, Colour – Jet Black (of course) and never had any problems with heat. Another good paint would be a gloss enamel, but I have the Japlac, so…

For those of you thinking to paint them Silver, I would think again! I’ve never found a silver paint that has the same smooth enamel type finish, they all have a graininess to the finish which holds brake dust. A very smooth glossy finish keepsl the calipers very clean, since every time you wash the wheels, the calipers get cleaned too.

On with the instructions…

Unsurprisingly, this is another wheel off job, so jack up the car, remove the wheel and make sure the car is also supported by an axle stand – you don’t want it falling off the jack and damaging the brake disk!

Depending on how dirty your caliper is, you might want to begin by lightly cleaning the caliper with a wire brush to remove any brake dust or corrosion already there.

You don’t need to bother priming the surface – usually a single coat of paint is enough to last a couple of years. I find it easiest to apply the paint using a 1/2″ paint brush – it’s big enough so that it doesn’t take all day, and small enough that it’s easy to control exactly where the paint goes. Using a paint with a good glossy finish will ensure that you don’t see any brush lines as the paint will set to a smooth finish.

When painting the caliper, there isn’t really much to go wrong. Make sure you keep the paint away from the actual brake pads, and watch for the places where the pads sit, you don’t want to restrict their movement as they wear down. Don’t be paranoid – just be careful!!

It’s also ok, to paint the little shield on the front one, and the springy tensioner thing.

Make sure and get a nice even finish, and use the opportunity you have with the wheel off to give the inside of the alloy a good clean!

You can remount the wheel while the paint is drying, just be sure to leave the car sitting for a few hours while the paint hardens. (Hard I know! )

Once you’ve done all four wheels you can stand back and admire your work!

Sorry – I forgot to take a picture of the front caliper painted, but I’m sure you’ll all get the picture…

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