Short Shifter

Everyone wants a short shifter for their manual transmission right? but not everyone wants to spend 300 bucks on an aftermarket shifter kit.
Well there is a way to stay BMW Genuine and still enjoy short, smooth and precise shifting.

-The answer is to get a E60 545i shifter.

*there are other OEM shifters that will yield same results, but I can only vouch for the 545i shifter as I did it on my car and it works great.

What is needed for the install?
-E60 545i shifter part# 25117546373
-Bearing, shift lever part# 25111220600 (not necessary but its only 12 bucks, so buy it in case you’ll need it, will mention it later)
-It’s also a good idea to pick up a ZHP (weighted) knob as it will help alot with throws. (I have it and LOVE it)
6-speed part# 25117896886
5-speed part# 25-11-7-503-231

It is OEM E60 545i shifter?

Will it fit my car?
-Yes, fits ALL BMWs with manual transmissions, E36 E46 E39…

Is it compatible with 6-speed or only 5-speed?
-Fits ALL BMWs with manual transmission 5 or 6 speed doesnt make a difference.

How much shorter are the throws?
-Supposed to be 30% less, but feels more.

How much does it cost?
-I got my from a dealership and it was 90cad (its cheaper then the ones from understeerdotcom) depending on your location it may be cheaper.

Now on to the DIY:

-Car on ramps or jack it up(make sure its safe to proceed)
-Remove knob, just pull up (pull towards your chest)
-Remove boot
-Remove insulation and rubber boot.
-From under the car remove the retainer clip.
4393565834e5613664be1e65a0e77646  Short Shifter
-Now if you have a special tool, you can turn the plastic bearing cup 1/4 turn counter clockwise or just use pliers. Then just pull up.This is the part that could cause loose shifter feel as with time the plastic wears down and becomes loose, so just replace it.
-Remove the shifter from the plastic bearing cup, just pull apart.
9f5b12a849be6ccb8646fdb2815a8c9d  Short Shifter
-Install new shifter into the bearing with some grease.
-Reinstall in reverse.

The shifter actually sits 1 inch lower making it more pleasant to shift.
46deac08c1e0758cb3145caf7859e97b  Short Shifter

First impression: shifts are shorter and more precise. No more shifter play while in gear. The shifter sits 1 inch lower making it the perfect height for the armrest.

PS> remove your CDV (clutch delay valve) if still havent, to make your shifting even more precise.

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