Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

Looking around for this DIY for my own use, I noticed a few people were also on the hunt for what turned out to be a VERY simple “project”. So I thought I’d post it up with pics for those of us with a sedan, since the removal is slightly different from the coupe…

Tools needed:
- Torx T50 socket with ratchet tool or other (preferrably 5 inches or longer)
- Flathead screwdriver (a butter knife will work too!)
- 5/16th socket tool (any wrench will do, but will be a pain)
- safety glasses! (you’ll thank me for this one when you’re on your back under the bumper!)

1. Locate the two circular openings underneath the rear bumper (see picture); there you will be able to access the two long bolts that hold the bumper in place.

6dcfc8ca06be5afe1ab8982af987644c  Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

2. Use the torx T50 to unscrew and remove these two bolts. Here it will be MUCH simpler if what you are using is a ratchet set (maybe with an extension)… that way, it gives you leverage to pry it loose, because you’ll see how hard it is to get that sucker to turn at first!

3. Use the 5/16th socket to remove the screw on the bottom front of the bumper, right at the wheel well (see picture below). Then repeat on the other side.

bc2545962fa61c22f398d35ea4590d33  Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

4. Hard part over with, get your flathead/butter knife and very carefully pry apart the side front lip of the bumper away from its holder (right at the wheel well). The idea is to push the little black clip downwards and towards the car. (see picture). Repeat on both sides.

5298ea5f69ae675f68c5cf2780f9b2f7  Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

5. Carefully slide the bumper back and away from the vehicle (easier with a friend) and remember to place it on a soft surface, as to prevent damage to the finish!

That’s it for removal!

You’ll notice that to re-install the bumper, the only hard step is to slide the sides of the bumper onto the black tracks on either side of the quarter panel (see pictures of bumper and tracks below.) Again, here it might be simpler with a friend, each of you at one side, guiding the bumper onto the 3-track holder. Once that’s done with, don’t forget to snap the front lip back into place, and re-install the four screws from underneath!

bb2310d9fdfbeadb5dc482aa8a85d58e  Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

597fed557820ed044fe32af23e8e6f76  Sedan Rear Bumper Removal/Installation

So contrary to the coupe bumper, there is no need to remove the black trim to access the bolts in our case… the whole thing shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Source: Kamshaft

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