$5 Alternative for Lock beep

After speaking with a tech at the dealership. They confirm that this will only work with vehicles ARE programed to flash. It usually cost about $60 to have them do it.

My vehicle is already programmed to flash the lights and the clown nose. If yours isn’t programmed it can be done at the dealer.


T-30 torx
Electronic buzzer- Radio Shack 90dB Piezo Pulse Model: 273-060

Short Shifter

Everyone wants a short shifter for their manual transmission right? but not everyone wants to spend 300 bucks on an aftermarket shifter kit.
Well there is a way to stay BMW Genuine and still enjoy short, smooth and precise shifting.

-The answer is to get a E60 545i shifter.

*there are other OEM shifters that will yield same results, but I can only vouch for the 545i shifter as I did it on my car and it works great.

Fix scratches on navigation LCD display

What you need:

1. NuShield DayVue or other anti-glare screen protector
2. A few toothpicks
3. Small precision screw driver (I used the smallest in my kit – 1.4 mm)
4. Magic Scotch tape
5. Rewards card from your favorite shoe store (or random credit card)
6. Paper napkins or thin towel (not in picture)
7. Cup of water (not in picture)

Front & Rear brake pad and rotor

-flat head screwdriver (removing dustcover, metal clips & a bunch of other things)
-torque wrench
-ratchet wrench
-17mm socket (for wheel lugs)
-16mm socket (back of caliper housing)
-C-clamp (compress caliper)
-allen 7mm (slide screws on back of caliper)
-allen 6mm (rotor alignment nut)
-anti-seize for nuts
-grease (slide screws)
-jack (lift the car)
-small bungee (support caliper after removing it)
-hope fully you will have rubber gloves it can get messy and some orange-pumas soap for cleaning your hands after…