Oil change

I changed my oil over the weekend to Royal Purple and figured I would do a DIY on changing oil. The details are going to vary from car to car slightly.

Quick tool list -
** 17mm Box wrench (could also use a 17mm socket)
** 36mm socket for the filter housing (you can use a channel locks, but the socket is so much easier)
** set of jack stands
** Jack. I have a craftsman from Sears. I used to use cheap jacks, but now I will never go back.

** Use this at your own risk **

1. My car is too low to jack up from the center jack point. To get it high enough I used the stock jack to lift it up some.
d9f0a57d172534a8f472163162ca19e2  Oil change

2. With the car on the stock jack I could slide my main jack under the center jack point and get the car in the air.
8e01b20336490fe142e9b679b23e814f  Oil change

3. I then placed jack stands at the two stock jack locations and slowly lowered the car on to them.
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(had to borrow this image from another DIYs)

4. Find the drain plug and put a catch pan of some sort under it. I use a large kitty litter tray (don’t ask) because of the size of it. The oil shoots out of the pan a good 12 inches so you need to either guess where it is going to end up or have a large pan. Use a 17mm socket or wrench to loosen the drain plug.
bfeba6d6679bfeece18f459cb4e907dc  Oil change

5. Once you losen the plug with the wrench you can back it out with your hand. I push the plug in with my thumb while twisting it out with my fingers. This way you are still plugging the pan while loosening the plug.
b60b5a2163132958afaa3ee72a811cee  Oil change

6. If you follow my directions about holding the plug in while loosening it you will have the plug fully lose but you are holding the oil in still. Make sure you pan is in the right place and quickly move the plug out of the way. If you do it right you shouldn’t get oil on your hand.
ce5eb280a01657891bc5803b71d35b82  Oil change

7. New Filter – Thanks Tisher BMW – www.mileoneparts.com
98a0974bbc1d828a191ead0c2d7427f4  Oil change

8. Inside the filter find the rubber O ring and copper crush washer
9c2cffe2d4e9b175d747549e230cd82c  Oil change

9. While the oil is draining out clean off the drain plug and replace the copper crush washer
3afff21cbb032c76ca3e7787f469bb75  Oil change

10. Use a big ass socket (edit – 36mm – from bimmertools.com here) to remove the top of the oil filter compartment. If you don’t have a socket you can use a rag and a channel locks.
90d0827eabac5364683764d4e4af42c5  Oil change

11. Once you have the top of the filter housing loose I put a bunch of paper towels in that area because I always get oil on everything
5039581e70cf02211226ad1dd11c6b89  Oil change

12. Get a plastic bag large enough for the filter and place that right next to the housing. Pull the filter housing top up and the filter and a bunch of oil will come with it. Put it and the housing top directly into the bag. Hold the filter thought the bag and pull the housing top out of the filter. This will keep most of the oil in the bag and not on you, your drive way, car, etc.
a7bbf0d5413afa916bff6ee0b5bd7c9f  Oil change

13. Clean up the housing top and replace the O ring.
b35b1e7ad95cde866bd9c67eba599a9d  Oil change

14. Slide the new filter on the housing top, apply a light layer of oil to the O ring (stick your finger in some oil and rub it on the ring) and put the filter back into the housing. Tighten the housing top to 25Nm or until it is “good and tight”.
da67f4a2b7c3746d41fda961ba1da769  Oil change

15. At this point the oil flow should have slowed to a drip. I like to put the plug in last as I have found that a decent amount of oil comes out when you remove the filter and you want that dirty oil out. Reinstall the drain plug and tighten. The drain plug is hollow so be very careful to not over tighten it. Better to have it drip a bit of oil (as you can tighten it later) than have it break off in your oil pan.
2055e585a5bd05bf4a8e0b11e5875b7a  Oil change

16. I used a bit of brake cleaner to get the oil off the bottom of the pan.

17. Add new oil. The capacity is 6.9 US quarts. I used the new Royal Purple 5w40 (details here)
12c4334eeb936ba9b0310064ac879df0  Oil change

18. As you add the oil check the drain plug to make sure you don’t have any leaks.

19. Remove car from jack stands by reversing the procedure for raising the car.

20. Double check oil level with dip stick. Remember the oil level will change once the car is level and once you have started the car and the oil flows into all the cavities in the engine.

21. Reset the service indicator (tells you how many miles till you need to change your oil again) by following these easy steps. These are not my directions so please don’t ask me about this part because I have no idea.

–The car should be off
–hold down the left instrument button (the trip odometer reset)
–while holding the key, turn the ignition to position 1 (radio)
–you will see a test menu
–keep holding the button
–after maybe 10 seconds, the word “reset” will appear
–let go of the button and press again
–The indicator is reset!”

Writeup by: tim330i

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