Garage Door Opener in Ashtray

MOD NAME: Garage Door Opener in Ashtray
MOD COST: Cost of a switch
MOD BENEFIT: Stealthy Garage Door Opener/no need to take the opener inside when you park your car outside for the night
MOD DESCRIPTION: Wire up a switch to the ashtray
MOD LINK:…opener+ashtray

f3401b41f4ee73fdc20ca4ef6761b903  Garage Door Opener in Ashtray

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I ran the V1 concealed display to the ashtray where many ppl had it, wasn’t too difficult and fits perfectly. The real project was installing my garage opener switch into the ashtray position, where the cigarette holder used to be. I used a round momentary switch from radio shack, which is almost an exact fit for the opening.

The garage door opener casing was cracked open and I soldered the connections which led to the momentary switch. The taped up IC board was put under the gearbox cover. Trial runs showed it had the same range as in free air.

Nice way to save $135 to pay for a factory UGO. The true payoff is knowing doing it yourself . Let me know what you guys think.

Write up by: Amoeba

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