“Drug bin” cover

Yet another method to create the “drug bin” cover. I looked at fmzip’s thread and didn’t feel like using a Kingsford charcoal bin as the basis of my cover.

The only thing I had to buy was the acrylic sheet at Home Depot for $7 with tax.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Acrylic Sheet (I got the Optix 18″x24″ a lot bigger than you need but in case you screw up, you have the other half to work with)
  2. Jigsaw with plastic cutting bit (wood or metal works fine but the cuts are going to be rougher)
  3. Dremel with sanding and grinding bit
  4. Your choice of paint
  5. Cardboard
  6. Shears
  7. Clips

I noticed that everyones “drug bin” has a wide range of connectors/switches in them. Mine had the battery terminal facing towards the engine and the alarm switch inside the bin. So I only needed a hole for the pin to come out.

Ok so here’s what I did:

Get a piece of cardboard and stencil out the general outline of the bin.

Then shape and form the piece until it fits in the bay perfectly. It took me two tries.

27c7ca5d61cb42f85f97098c9dd0e55a  “Drug bin” cover

Clip the cardboard template to the acrylic sheet.

Using the jigsaw, cut the shape out

634efbf7ae370ae0913bcf8fef8ce9e6  “Drug bin” cover

So this is where your setup may vary. Cut out your holes accordingly and then do a test fit.

Using the dremel, do some fine fitting by sanding/grinding the edges

43f656f1d1c104889d02bc52b58c6a05  “Drug bin” cover
c73f3fc5f2a1dc51c41f877e34a7bd40  “Drug bin” cover
8c81d9c255d097c04db6b38c1015ee20  “Drug bin” cover
03c0945fd9718b4484d9d441530775df  “Drug bin” cover
eefe15d8513fae8b88094ccccfae0f1e  “Drug bin” cover
58544d255575427185fd1fed6b5a07fc  “Drug bin” cover

Again, you may decide to paint this however you like. The nice thing about this acrylic sheet is that you can do really neat designs or have a little see through.

What I did was hit the cover with two coats of primer. I chose primer because it was able to cover up some of the imperfections on the sheet. I’m probably going to hit it with a final coat of matte black but this will do until then.

16eea99f1a85c87214c5805c0ea32041  “Drug bin” cover
4e5b3d945df37a21c45806707f49830e  “Drug bin” cover
8d415c4392497cedba86237d5fcada81  “Drug bin” cover
288faab6f30acbe402830c4ba2901d42  “Drug bin” cover
daa49b316d534b20de983ad053983488  “Drug bin” cover

Write up by: Kmoy2002

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