DICE iPod integration install

In this DIY, we are going to install a DICE iPod integration kit into a 2005 330Ci with Business CD and rear fold down seats. The vehicle was ordered without a CD Changer.

First, the DICE iPod kit comes with 3 major pieces:

- 4m Trunk interface cable
- DICE iPod integration module
- iPod Dock connector cable

We are going to focus more on the install aspects rather than operation to keep the post length to a minimum. This is a typical glovebox installation, which allows a clean stealth install with no drilling any damage to the vehicle.

Items needed:

DICE iPod Integration Kit for BMW

- Phillips screwdriver
- trim removal tool or similiar device

Let’s begin!

1. The needed connections will be in the trunk/boot area.

2. The driver’s side rear taillight house will need to be removed. This will unclip or unscrew depending on your specific model year.

3. Access the fuse panel in the glovebox by turning the nylong retaining clips inward 90 degrees until the panel drops down. Remove fuses #7 & #41 to cut power to the radio/navigation tuner. e46 radios will not need a radio code when connected.

4. Remove inner taillight housing and taillight plug.

5. Image of taillight with housing removed.

6. Remove expansion rivet with a trim removal tool or similiar device. There are (2) rivets that will need to be removed to gain access to the wiring.

7. Location of 2nd expansion rivet, this will need to be removed.

8. Move trunk lining out of the way.

9. Locate CD Changer wiring harness. This will be located behind the factory amplifer touching the inner wall of the fender. This will have the needed 3-pin and 6-pin connectors.

10. CD Changer wiring located, wrapped in cloth sheath.

11. Unwrap cloth sheath to expose needed 3-pin and 6-pin CD Changer connectors.

12. Connect 6-pin connector to DICE harness, this is keyed to only go in one direction.

13. Connect remaining 3-pin connector, verify connections are snug. Also note that the connector on the left side (BMW side) has the brown wire in the #1 position on the outside. This verifies this is the correct connector as there may be multiple 3-pin connectors in the vehicle.

14. Unravel trunk cable, and prepare to run to cabin area.

15. Fold down rear seats (if equipped) and run trunk interface cable underneath trunk liner towards back seat area.

16. Cable entering cabin area, next to driver’s side rear seat hinge. Position cable towards bottom corner next to the bolster.

17. Remove bottom portion of seat by lifting on bottom cushion and push aside. Seat does not need to be removed from vehicle, but it may simplify the job.

18. Pull slightly on rear seat bolster and tuck the trunk harness cable away from view.

19. Angle with seat bolster pulled back with wiring tucked in.

20. Push seat bolster back into position to conceal wiring.

21. Prepare to route wiring underneath rear seat to passenger side of vehicle.

22. Cable being routed to passenger side, clearing seatbelts.

23. Trunk harness on passenger side, preparing to place bottom seat cushion back into place.

24. Seat cushion reinstalled with trunk cable completely hidden.

25. With a trim removal tool or similiar device, pop nylon retaining clip from door sill.

26. Route trunk cable underneath the retaining clip and pop back into place.

27. Trunk cable in place, preparing to route underneath door sill to glovebox.

28. Tuck trunk interface wire underneath door sill by tucking it underneath with your fingers. Don’t remove the sill as the retaining clips are very delicate, especially with older models. You will feel a small channel wher the wire can be pushed into. Repeat tucking the cable until you reach the passenger side kickpanel.

29. Trunk harness at passenger side kickpanel, ready to route to glovebox. Note plenty of slack left in harness.

30. Alternate shot of harness at kick panel.

31. Time to remove the glovebox, remove bottom phillips screw.

32. Open glovebox to prepare for removal.

33. With your trim removal tool or similar device, remove the plastic pin holding the glovebox dampener strut on left side.

34. Repeat process on right side of glovebox.

35. Remove glovebox door retaining hinges. There are (2) screws.

36. Repeat process on left side.

37. Remove glovebox door and place in a safe area.

38. Remove remaining screws. Staring with step #31, there are a total of (10) screws holding the glovebox door and plastics on. Note that the screws in steps #34 & #35 are shorter than the other screws, these should be set aside.

39. Last screw for removal (#10)

40. Remove glovebox frame and set on floor of vehicle.

41. Route trunk harness up kickpanel to very top.

42. There is a pre existing hole in the glovebox, the iPod cable is a perfect canidate for this position. Route the iPod cable through the inside of the glovebox frame and prepare for connection to the DICE module.

43. Connect trunk interface module and iPod Dock connector cable to DICE module. Verify DIP switches are set to the “OFF” position. If you would like to utilize the AUX connection on the module, this would be a great time to connect your interface cable (available seperately).

We also have these on the site:

eas 3.5mm male/female AUX extension cord

44. Connect dock connector to ipod and you’re complete!

45. Activate text as outlined in the user’s manual

Installation is now complete!

Note: Your iPod must be updated to the minimum firmware requirements in order to be compatible with the DICE

iPod kit.

Supported iPods and Firmwares
- 3G: Must have minimum firmware version 2.3. Does not support Albums/Chapters. FF/RW Does not work from radio
- 4G: Must have minimum firmware version 3.1.1
- 4G Photo/Color: Must have minimum firmware version 1.2.1
- 5G Video: Must have minimum firmware version 1.1.1
- nano: Must have minimum firmware version 1.1.1
- mini: Must have minimum firmware version 1.4.1

Updated iPod firmware can be found at Apple’s website: http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/

Helpful resources:

DICE owner’s manual: http://support.diceelectronics.com/f…al_rev_B01.pdf

Written by: tom @ eas

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