Mod name: debadge

Mod cost: free

Mod benefit: looks good

Mod description: use credit card and slide underneath each letter or number, removing the “badge” then use goo gone or alcahol wipes to remove the remaining gunk, whatever you use to take off the gunk wipe it off as soon as your done using it because its probably not that great for you paint.

5b0f6e1a54e438e4484a56b751a7af66  Debadge

So I thought those ugly numbers on the back of my car were going to be hard to get off… I was wrong.

You need:
1) Floss
2) Hair dryer
3) Goo Gone

Just warm up the numbers for like 30 seconds with the hair dryer and then slide the floss in behind and they will slide off so easy. Then clean up the residual mess with goo gone.

I know other threads have been started on this subject, but I just want to reiterate how easy it is to do.

And it looks awesome! So much more symmetric and clean.


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