Coffee Cup – Alternate Holder

Mod Name: Coffee Cup – Alternate Holder

Mod Cost: Almost nothing

Mod Benefit: Stores my coffee cup safely out of the way when I am not using it and then I don’t hit it with my elbow every time I shift.

Mod Description: No Pics – it isn’t that difficult. Only works with coffee cups that have a handle that is open at the bottom.

Small piece of thin aluminum (hard plastic?) 2.5″ x 1.25″

Short (7″) piece of 1″ webbing (fairly stiff)

Drill a hole near the top of the aluminum, melt a small hole in the two ends of the webbing, connect it all together with a pop rivet.

Slide the aluminum piece between the plastic frame and leather of the seat (careful!) just beside your transmission tunnel so the webbing sticks out foreward (underneath your knee area). When not in use, store your coffee cup there.

For double the cost, make another for you passenger.

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