Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Just did the belts on my ’03 330xi (manual, auto may be a bit different) this weekend and figured I’d post a DIY for this very simple task that may seem like a bigger deal that it really is. Dealers charge way too much for this!

First of all, you are responsible for what you do to your car, not me. These are simply the steps I used to perform the task. (Note that for this DIY “left” and “right” are as you are standing in front of the car looking at the engine). Now that that is over with…

These are the two belts being replaced, the smaller is the AC belt and the larger is the alternator/serpentine belt. I bought the pair for about $20.
e19c78d0d9f3a37a2091854e0bea8470  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Here are the tools that I used to change the belts. You can easily get by with fewer but I do quite a bit of work on my cars so have tons of tools. The “special” tools you may not have in your collection are the following: T25 Torx bit socket, T50 Torx bit socket, and 8mm Hex bit socket. You can buy these from Sears or ACE Hardware pretty cheaply.
8ccff405bab93027f5964c66fa1720a9  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

First you need to remove the air intake piece that sits on top of the fan shroud by pulling out the three retaining clips that the arrows point to. Carefully pry up the part that looks like a nail head with the screwdriver just enough so you can grab it with the needle nose pliers. Once you have it with the pliers just pull slowly and steadily and it will come out. Be extra careful if you are working in the cold as the plastic could be brittle. Once the three clips are removed you should be able to lift up the intake and wiggle it out of the rubber connection to the air filter housing.
2c8fee4be05e90b7d0462f4f4c20303a  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Here is a pic of what you are pulling out.
84b78716b730cbd7e5011579024788a7  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Now the air intake is off.
39d1985aaa8c39a72902f00b0520abdd  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Next remove the bolt on the left holding the fan shroud in. This is where you will use the T25 Torx bit. Interestingly enough the “bolt” on the right side is actually another of those plastic connectors similar to those that held the intake in. Carefully remove that like you did the others.
0d892fdbd47ebaa7b58df6f72b12c6c1  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Once those are out you need to remove the two electrical connectors on the left side of the shroud. The smaller connector might be a little tough to remove, you push the tab on the top down and carefully wiggle it off. The big connector should be pretty easy to get off.
e64c0a79da4f12a942f7591d4c0e34a1  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Once you have the electrical connectors off you will need to remove the wires from the retainer holding it to the shroud. I found this to be the hardest part of the DIY :-) . The retainer doesn’t really bend so you need to lift the shroud a bit so you can get your fingers in there to wiggle out the wires. Be careful as you don’t want to break through the insulation on the wires.
da6b1d9f4b9f5d6f9b7bb314b7ded912  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Once that is done you should be able to easily (and slowly) lift the fan/shroud combo out of the car, the right side may catch a bit so be careful. Here is the fan and shroud after it has been removed.
4ede90570d335954c894fa3f629c8975  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Take a look where the shroud was in the car and note the location of the retaining clips on the car. You will need to make sure that the shroud slips into all of them properly when putting it back in.
3510bdb7c39502da7fdbf9d5400701c6  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

OK, now that that is out of the way here is a pic of the belts we need to replace. Note the location of the two belt tensioners that we will need to detention to get the belts off.
09545f52935c6567ccfb1b52701d4df8  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Here is a closeup of the AC belt with the tensioner in the middle, the AC belt needs to come off first.
e3d99ec0fb48c30642169b965d12b2d8  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Next you need to remove the dust cap off of the AC tensioner.
476c8af0f09b19148f1f08b7c589d349  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Here’s an somewhat fuzzy picture of what the cap looks like.
846cfc375b515e1101717e4d1e474a73  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Now we need to make use of the T50 Torx bit. To detension the tensioner you turn it clockwise with the ratchet. If you have it as shown in this picture, you push down on the ratchet. This tensioner is not very stiff and should move easily. Mine looked to be in great shape so I didn’t replace it.
a1ba0ec339894be38633b820096f1007  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

While holding the tensioner in a detensioned state you should be able to easily remove the AC belt with your other hand.
1754420a33c50a212376a83b9b42336b  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Now we move on to the alternator (or serpentine) belt tensioner. This is where you make use of the 8mm hex bit socket. A little caution here. This tensioner is MUCH stiffer than the one for the AC belt so make sure you use a quality hex socket bit that will not round off! I used a craftsman one from Sears. You will also need a socket wrench with a longer handle as you are going to have to apply quite a bit of force to get it to move enough.

Here is a shot of the tensioner with its cap still on.
2ed8bc257298948469b0cfe72385d503  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

And now with the cap removed. To get these caps off you carefully pry them off with a flat bladed screw driver. They will most likely pop off and go flying. Also I should mention that you should be careful when working down here so that you don’t ding your radiator with any of the tools!
94be4a1457dc949b86714b040d92ca59  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

At this point it would be wise to make a simple drawing of the routing that the belt uses around the various pulleys so you don’t get confused when putting it back on!

Here I am about to detention the tensioner. Note that I put the reverse clicker on the socket wrench only so I could take the picture without holding it. This one also detensions in the clockwise manner, I found it more convenient to pull this one up rather than pushing down so the wrench is shown on the opposite side of the tensioner as compared the the AC one. As I mentioned, this one takes a lot more force to move so be careful and don’t let it snap back as this could break the tensioner! Slow and steady is the name of the game here.
34e2ec7e6bcc947122426e135ea577b4  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

With the greater force needed this belt is a little trickier to get off but you can do it! Here it is almost off snagged on the bit. Just wiggle the bit out and the belt basically falls off. Once again my tensioner appeared to be in great shape so I didn’t replace it.
938b0c21e3574e5617c78f63007b8722  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Here we are with both the belts off.
c0f0851a4b94f6230e674985412b2cc5  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Now time to get the new belts on. First we put the alt belt on. Look at the drawing you made (you did make that drawing didn’t you?) and put the belt on all the pulleys except for the tensioner pulley so that it appears as in the picture below. Once that is done put the belt around the hex bit so that you will be able to slip the belt on when the tensioner is detensioned. Now pull up on the socket wrench to detension the tensioner and slip the belt onto the tensioner pulley. Let off the tension slowly. Once that is done check how the belt it situated on each of the pulleys to make sure it is on right, more than likely one of them won’t be quite right so detension it a bit again and fix the belt.
195cc16331dfccaa14ee668bc69467bf  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Once the belt is situated on all the pulleys it should look as it did before you started .
36a786abcf257f5dcc3bf55abb696b21  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Now to finish up…

Now we need to get the AC belt back on. This one is much simpler. Switch back to the T50 Torx bit and place the belt onto the pulleys as shown in the pic below. Then detension the tensioner by pushing down on the ratchet.
6007fd237686c83eb0ad972d4c82352c  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Slip the belt over the top of the pulley and let off on the tension. Now check the belt to make sure it is on properly, if not detension a bit and fix it.
cdf1c3007f094b56a560481ad8a17351  Belt Replacement 2003 330xi

Put the dust covers back on to the tensioners and make sure they are seated all the way. Now all you need to do is put the fan/shroud assembly and intake back in. Be careful slipping the wiring back into the retainer on the shroud and make sure that when you drop the shroud in that it rests in the retainers on the radiator properly. To get the plastic clip holding the right side of the shroud to the radiator you may have to squeeze the end of it together a bit to get it to go back in. Make sure all the clips are pushed in all the way and you are good to go!

This was my first time doing this procedure on my 330 and it took about 30 minutes (including the extra time needed to get the right pictures), without the picture taking it probably would have taken me about 10-15 mins.

Hope you find this useful.


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