AUX input cable

This is not how to install aux input cable rather how to make it.
Seriously, I don’t want to spend about $50 for a stinking cable.
I’m in Canada and usually BMW parts are more expensive than US.

Let’s get started.

1. This was male on both end and I just cut one side.
743c44f82629c079801502d0265302e1  AUX input cable

2. Close up
2949f5cacb95c1ff158ac97bc2c960c7  AUX input cable

3. Some people might wonder what this is.
d183034bff17f8fc574bd360b54f1435  AUX input cable
This is a cable that I found from my old computer I was about to throw away. This pin connects to motherboard for power switch, reset switch, hdd led, power led, etc.
Do not cut the other end of this cable, just pull the pins out. It will help you to solder it.

4. See? It is so much easier to connect them to solder it.
433b7b3320c9012e5f340544bb668d78  AUX input cable

5. 3 small and 1 big heat shrink tube.
908415f7d20b2b06a7370a9c008e00a0  AUX input cable

6. Ok. It is done.
aad8451a8b1dcf957abeb502e145465e  AUX input cable

7. From HU, pin 8,9(left,right or right,left don’t care too much. ) and pin 4(ground) need to be connected.
You will be surprised how well it fits.
92ccefeecb86cb2b8ea9872586b778d6  AUX input cable

8. Finished
3b4f0bd3cbfd6559af0bd6d372e08f5f  AUX input cable

Total cost $0. Because I found everthing I need at home and it works great.

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