BMW Mechanical DIYs

BMW E36 Differential Swap

BMW E36 RTAB Without Special Tools

Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Modification

How To Swap a Differential

Differential Output Shaft Seals

Homemade Clutch Stop

Lightweight Flywheel And M5 Clutch

Replacing Your Driveshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

Replacing Your Transmission Mounts

Replacing Your Driveshaft Center Bearing

UUC Transmission Mount Enforcer

Changing The Rear Shock Mounts

Adjustable Length Rear Camber Control Arms

Bilstein PSS9 Coilover Install

BMW E36 M3 Race Roll Bar Installation

E36 RTAB DIY with BMW Tools

Change Rear Shock Mounts

E36 Control Arm Replacement

Ground Control Rear Shock Mounts

M3 RSM Retrofit With Z3 Reinforcement Plates

Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Replacement

Replacing Rear Shock Mounts

Replacing Rear Shocks

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Tower Plates

RTAB With Reinforcers

Rear Shock Mounts

Rear Subframe/SwayBar Reinforcement

Suspension Upgrade

X-Brace Install

X-Brace Install

Fan Clutch Removal Mod

BMW E36 Thermostat Removal And Coolant Flush

Bleeding BMW Brakes

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pedal Switch Replacement

Brembo Big Brake Kit Upgrade

Bedding In New Pads And Rotors

Emergency Brake Adjustment

Changing Brake Pads

Brake Pad Bedding In Procedure

Rotor And Pad Replacement

Pressure Bleeding

Installing M3 Exhaust

BMW Belt Replacement

BMW Camshaft Removal / Installation

Camshaft Timing & VANOS Unit Installation

3-Series Clutch Replacement

95 M3 Evosport Pulley Install Instructions

Blown Motor Replacement

CAI With Head Shield

BMW Spark Plug Replacement

BMW Oil Change

BMW Oil Service Light Reset

BMW Heater Core Replacement

Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement & Bleeding

Change Belts

Do-It-Yourself Ram Air Tube

Fogging Your Airbox

Installation of a ’95 3.0L OBDI Intake onto a ’99 3.2L OBDII Motor

How to replace an E36 6-cylinder water pump

ICV Cleaning

Knock Sensors

M50 Manifold Install

Oil Change

M42 ICV Cleaning

Time To Rebuild?

Replace A/C Condensor/Vacuum & Recharge

Valve Cover Seal Replacement

Valve Cover/Gasket Replacement