BMW E36 Mirror Removal

Starting out the mirror looks like this:

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Now go to the inside of the door panel and locate the plastic cover at the front corner of the door.

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Insert a flat head screw driver carefully between the rubber window guide and the plastic cover piece. Apply gentle pressure, pushing the plastic piece towards you.

There are three plastic snaps that hold this in place and you want to gently release each one.

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There is a plastic clip that holds the plastic connectors for the wires. Pop the wires out out of this.

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With the cover removed the inside of the door will look like this:

A 10mm socket will be required to remove the 3 bolts holding the mirror in place.

While you are removing the last bolt, be careful not to let the mirror fall or scrape your paint.

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Now, just press out the rubber grommet that the wire goes through and the mirror is free.

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The mirror after it is removed

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These are the tools I used:

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Afterwards your door will look like this:

dd15f43e53295ecff242752308f79775  BMW E36 Mirror Removal

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