BMW E36 Differential Swap

I promised I’d do a write-up on removing and replacing a differential (since I have yet to see a good DIY article on it). In this case, I’m removing the open 3.15 diff in my ’92 325is for an M3 limited slip 3.15 unit. Note: While you can do this alone (I have before), it’s [...]

BMW E36 RTAB Without Special Tools

Alright this is the official RTAB DIY without the Special BMW TOOLS! I was convinced that somebody needed to do a write up on how to do the RTAB’s without having access to the 600 dollar special tools to do the job with. I mean come on how many of us are going to put [...]

BMW E36 Mirror Removal

Starting out the mirror looks like this: Now go to the inside of the door panel and locate the plastic cover at the front corner of the door. Insert a flat head screw driver carefully between the rubber window guide and the plastic cover piece. Apply gentle pressure, pushing the plastic piece towards you. There [...]

BMW E36 Cowling Replacement

I couldn’t seem to really find any information on people having a problem with their cowling at the bottom of the windshield. Mine had gotten very brittle from the sun beating on it over the years and was starting to crack and no longer made a good seal between the window and the plastic. The [...]